Are Your Kids Meeting Their Developmental Levels?

  • Development of Cognitive Skills:

Thinking, reasoning, problem solving and comprehension.

  • Development of Motor Cognitive Skills:

Gross and fine motor skills, jumping, jumping, throwing / catching, drawing and stacking.

  • Social Interaction:

Initiating contact with colleagues, group play

  • Environmental Adaptation:

Dressing, eating and washing.

You will see the biggest changes in your child between the ages of 2 months and 5 years. For example, when it comes to cognitive changes at the age of 2 months, the child will prefer a habitual or known caregiver instead of an unknown person. Then a child of 5 years, should be able to count to 10, recite his ABC and should be able to recognize some letters.
For motor and cognitive skills, a child will go from being able to keep his head up at 2 months, to being able to stand on one foot for 10 seconds, jump and learn to ride a bike at 5 years. The levels of development that your child will reach change drastically throughout their years of development.

Now the question arises: how can you make sure that your child meets all his levels of development? Are there some ways you can control your child’s development?

One of the ways to check is to connect to the Internet and consult some development graphs from reliable sources.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a great resource for this, they have a table on child development and suggestions on what you can do as a parent to help your child meet these developmental levels depending on age. There is also a screening test that you can do if you are concerned about it. These evaluations can tell you if your child has a developmental problem or not.

Another thing you can do is to get involved in your child’s development, read them, encourage them to play with others, encourage them when they begin to take their first steps, encourage them to clean up after themselves. These are some of the activities you can do to get involved in your child’s development.

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-Dr. Denise Núñez is a pediatrician and founder of the Niño de la Caridad Foundation in the Bronx.

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