Therapy and childhood seem to be ideas that do not go hand in hand. Why is that? Because there are certain beliefs about children’s mental health. Many parents believe that if they send their children to therapy it can be worse.

Therapy for children can be beneficial, as it allows them to work on those aspects that present difficulties and for which adults are left without resources. For peace of mind, parents can seek information beforehand.

Knowing what types of therapy for children are available can give parents peace of mind. Learn about the 3 most used.

How do you know it’s time for therapy?

Some of the most commonly used types of therapy for children are as follows:

  • Sleep difficulties
  • Eating disorders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mood problems

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3 types of therapy that can help children

1. Cognitive behavioral therapy

It works on children’s thoughts and beliefs, helping to identify which ones are distorted. It also seeks to replace them with more functional and adaptive ones. Thoughts are related to emotions and moods.

2. Acceptance and commitment therapy

The aim is to identify the problem behaviors, the situations to be avoided and the values to which the person aspires. It also works from the committed action, that is, encouraging to take steps in the desired direction.

3. Mindfulness

This is a technique based on therapeutic meditation. It helps children to relax, to control impulses and to pay more attention before acting.

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Benefits of therapy for children

In addition to the obvious, intervene early and prevent the problem from worsening over time, therapy in children facilitates the resources to function comfortably and safely.

This applies to the different activities and tasks at home, at school and even in sports activities. Also in the relationship with their friends. In this way, the quality of life is improved and development is accompanied.

Children’s mental health begins at home

Knowing that a respectful, affectionate and close treatment is one of the essential conditions to favor children’s mental health.

In other words, mental health is at stake in many moments. It is much more than the conflict that occurs at a given time and place. It is the sum of the acts of every day.

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