We now offer Medical Ear Piercing!       

We offer medical ear piercing by a medical doctor. We provide a safe and gentle alternative from mall kiosks and tattoo parlors. We understand the importance of a safe and sterile environment for new parents. We are able to provide our piercing services to babies of all ages, as long as their earlobes are fully developed.

We have a variety of earrings to choose from.

What better gift to give than the gift of beautiful, new earrings! For kids, ear piercing can be scary and their nerves often get the best of them. For this we offer numbing cream to ease the process and give your child peace of mind.


After you get your ears pierced, it’s important to take care of them properly. Learn how to take care of your newly pierced ears and watch for signs that might lead you to seek medical attention.

Post Care Instructions:

  1. After getting your ears pierced, use the saline spray to spray the front and back of the ear, twice a day, for the first five days. There is no need to rotate the earrings
  2. Avoid swimming for 2-3 weeks after the piercing.
  3. After 6-8 weeks, switch out our starter earrings for another high quality pair. (Note: You must keep earrings in the ears for a minimum of 6 weeks)
  4. Make sure to keep the piercing as dry as possible. Blot dry immediately after showers.