Latinos Destined to Succeed

//Latinos Destined to Succeed

Latinos Destined to Succeed

One of my goals as a pediatrician is to help my patients to have excellent physical and mental health with the help of science and God first of all. But with years of experience serving my Latino community in the Bronx, I have realized that in order to achieve the health of my patients, I must begin with the physical and mental health of the family and our community.
Health is directly related to the educational level and the family’s income. The Bronx has the lowest-income families in all of New York’s counties, the lowest level of education in all of New York’s counties, the highest levels of health disparities in New York. If all this is not alarming to you, it should be noticed that the largest number of Latinos in New York is concentrated in the Bronx.
We must pay attention to our Latinos in the Bronx and see how we can improve these statistics.
The lack of motivation and guidance in our young people and their parents plays an important role in education, physical, mental health and their economic future.
Niño de la Caridad Inc., a non-profit organization, has its mission to help our Latino families in the Bronx to minimize these disparities and put them in contact with Latinos who have gone through highs and lows and have achieved success. For this reason, we created the conference “Latinos Destined to Succeed”, focused on our young Latinos in the Bronx and exposure to “Latino Leaders” in our community.
Our presenters included Latino leaders from various fields. Our main goal is to provide families with a sense of motivation to overcome the obstacles we face as Latinos.

The presenters were:

  • Luis Gómez, presenter Univision , (moderator)
  • Dr. Juan Tapia-Mendoza, founder and president of Pediatria 2000
  • Delania Alma, contemporary artist and nurse.
  • Fabricio Caro, director of community affairs at the FDNY.
  • Miguel Flores, Executive Board of the Hispanic Society FDNY
  • Endellys Sarmento: US Army
  • Oscar Fischer: Structural Mechanic of Second Class Aircraft ((AM2) / IT / Naval Officer
  • Silvia Pacheco: (HM2) -Hospital Corpsman Second Class / Nurse / Active Service
  • Sayonara Cabrera: co-founder hairdresser Foxy Lady Salon
  • Deyanira de la Cruz: Supervisor of Field Operations S & P Enterprises McDonalds
  • Mayra Romero: McDonalds Operations Director
  • Dreamers: Escarlet Fernández and Mary Soto.
  • Morales Rud: General Contractor of the Port Authority, founder of Fortis Contractors.

See you at the next conference.
-Dr. Denise Núñez is a pediatrician and founder of the Niño de la Caridad Foundation in the Bronx.

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Latinos Destinados a Triunfar

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