Have You Noticed Any Strange Behavior in Your Child? It’s Time to Seek Help

Have you begun to notice strange behaviors in your child? Is he or she more solitary? Do they spend more time alone in the room? Do they not

have the same hygiene as before? Do they have problems at school?

Maybe it’s time to talk with your pediatrician to begin the first step in seeking help for your child and family.

The emotional and psychological problems in our children are a health problem that has been increasing over time. One in 10 children suffer from emotional / mental problems in the United States. There are many types of help we can offer through psychologists, counselors, developmental pediatricians, social workers and psychiatrists.

What are the symptoms that may indicate the presence of emotional / mental problems?

  • When your child has problems with concentration.
  • When they have problems with their friends and other children to such an extent that they start to get away from all friends and even stop having friends.
  • When they spend most of your time sad.
  • When they have trouble sleeping.
  • When they are not eating well (eating too much or eating too little) they are overweight or losing a lot of weight.
  • When they show signs that they are very worried or frightened by any simple situation.
  • Express violent behavior or anger.
  • Think about committing suicide.
  • Create problems with any situation.
  • Has lost the desire to do activities.
  • There is a family history of mental problems, alcoholism and sexual abuse.

Other causes that may influence the development of emotional or psychological problems could be:

  • The loss of a parent due to death or separation / divorce.
  • If a parent or part of the family suffers from a chronic medical condition.
  • If one of the parents suffers a trauma, such as loss of work.
  • If the kid receives a lot of pressure or mockery from other kids.

This is caused by the fact that children, do not have the same capacity as adults to be able to cope with any problem or difficult situation that comes their way.
It is very important that kids feel that they have the support of their parents and other families. Let them know that they are not alone and that you understand what they are going through. Therefore, therapy and counseling should start with the family. Family support is the most important part to improve the mental health of our children.

-Dr. Denise Núñez is a pediatrician and founder of the Niño de la Caridad Foundation in the Bronx