Denise Nuñez and Ana Nuñez, from the Niño de la Caridad Foundation

“I learned a lot from the beginning when they gave us the feeding classes, then they took us on some walks to buy healthy food,” Huerta said. “It’s very helpful for us and I like it a lot because it does not have chemicals.”

But learning is not the only necessary point to eat healthy. The pocket is also an important factor when deciding between cooking or buying fast food. That’s why this Friday Councilman Ritchie Torres announced a measure that residents like Mrs. Huerta celebrate.

The announcement was made at Fordham Plaza in the Bronx , where Torres, along with nutritionists, healthy food advocates and representatives of the NYC food pantries, delivered a check for $ 89,000 that will go directly to the food pantries in the Central Bronx. . The money includes $ 15,000 in funds for the HealthBucks program , which offers coupons that food buyers can use to redeem healthy foods at farmers’ markets.